The Davie-Cooper City Chamber Education Foundation awards annual scholarships and enrichment grants to students and educators in public schools served by the Chamber.  Funding for the foundation comes from voluntary member donations and Education Committee fundraising initiatives.

Scholarship applications are evaluated based on academics, community involvement, financial need, school involvement and awards received. Grants are awarded to fund projects that enhance the standard curriculum, explore new alternatives to traditional learning methods and address priority needs for which funding is not available through current revenue sources.

Believing that Education Is Our Priority, the membership of the Davie-Cooper City Chamber is pleased to support this program and recognize our recipients at the annual award breakfast in May.

“Thank you for the commitment to helping high school students achieve their goals.  I graduated from the University of Miami as an Exercise Physiology major with minors in Education and Chemistry and my goal to be a Doctor never faltered . . . after working as a Research Associate, I was accepted at Nova Southeastern University Medical School . . .” H.S. Scholarship Recipient

A Middle School Science Teacher wrote:  “Thank you again for your vote of confidence in me to reach the community on environmental issues and help raise a generation of caring, involved citizens.”