Summer Seminars- Life’s Tool Kits

Mental Training allows us to check in with ourselves. In the fast paced world we live in, “life editing” becomes a huge part of our lives. Once we check-in or have a safe place to check-in, we can validate changes needing to be made.  This Summer the Davie-Cooper City Chamber of Commerce will be hosting 3 mental health seminars at Memorial Hospital Pembroke.


June 26th

July 24th

August 7th


5 Human Needs (In Business and in Life)


  1. ACCEPTANCE: The need to feel significant and self-filled.
  2. TRUST:  The belief that an action or belief is valid, without question. 
  3. AUTONOMY:  Mutual relationships, belonging, love, respect that one decides in life. The freedom to choose who we want to be.
  4. INTERDEPENDENCE :  The dependence that people have on each other and things.
  5. INTEGRITY:  Principal of good ethics, good-standing, trustworthiness.


Summer Seminars are presented by Dr. Aimee Zadak, Behavioral Specialist





Aimee Sanchez- Zadak is an educator and entrepreneur.  She is a respected behavioral strategist and speaker. She’s the CEO and co-founder of Zadak Research & Development/Count Down.  Her company uses unique behavioral strategies which allow you to understand the importance of connecting to the core of who you are.    Her straightforward and empathetic techniques create a strong environment of trust and ultimately successful outcomes for personal and professional needs.  She has worked in the corporate environment for 27 years and has been an adjunct psychology professor for 23  years.  She has many platforms which she is passionate about which include:  Understanding your child and teenagers, preparing your college bound student, understanding death and dying – dealing with grief,  and an individuals RIGHT to question and choose  their medical treatment.