Educational Scholarship Program

 Lara Strong, Education Committee Chair

    I grew up in a small town in upstate New York, called the Finger Lakes. I owned and operated three distinctly different businesses at the age of 20. However, my real dream was to live on the beach in Florida (I had seen pictures). At the age of 37, I made that idea come true. I decided to sell my operations in upstate and head south. I have been living on the beach in Fort Lauderdale for 21 years now.

So, what have I been doing then? Great question I entered the higher education community in 2001 and have not looked back. I have worked as a Director and Executive Director and as a student too! Since 2002 I have earned my associate degree, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree. I am currently completing my doctorate degree in education and leadership.

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Please read following instructions:

Instructions for the student: Please select a person who knows you well. The
committee will be most interested in hearing from someone, like a teacher, who knows
about your strengths and talents as a student, but we are also interested in people who
might know you in other contexts, like coaches, pastors, and bosses. Please do not ask
close friends or relatives to write this letter.

Instructions for the one who will write the letter of recommendation: Please write a letter
that speaks to the candidate’s ability and potential as a student. Please also provide
any other information that is relevant to the committee, as we consider a wide range of
qualities when we make our award decisions.