Educational Scholarship Program




The Davie-Cooper City Chamber Education Foundation awards annual scholarships and enrichment grants to students and educators in public schools served by the Chamber.  Funding for the foundation comes from voluntary member donations and Education Committee fundraising initiatives.

Scholarship applications are evaluated based on academics, community involvement, financial need, school involvement and awards received. Grants are awarded to fund projects that enhance the standard curriculum, explore new alternatives to traditional learning methods and address priority needs for which funding is not available through current revenue sources.

Believing that Education Is Our Priority, the membership of the Davie-Cooper City Chamber is pleased to support this program and recognize our recipients at the annual award breakfast in May.

“Thank you for the commitment to helping high school students achieve their goals.  I graduated from the University of Miami as an Exercise Physiology major with minors in Education and Chemistry and my goal to be a Doctor never faltered . . . after working as a Research Associate, I was accepted at Nova Southeastern University Medical School . . .” H.S. Scholarship Recipient

A Middle School Science Teacher wrote:  “Thank you again for your vote of confidence in me to reach the community on environmental issues and help raise a generation of caring, involved citizens.”


Education Committee Co-Chair, Michael Ficara



The MAGS Group realizes that today’s economy challenges us to have a variety of skill sets, always be
growing our knowledge base, and continue to expand our network. MAGS President Mike Ficara has had
the opportunity to work in a variety of industries over his career including education, information
technology, and business development. This vast experience provided the insight into how people learn,
leadership, and most importantly what motivates people to succeed. Due to his wide range of experiences
he has been sought after to speak as an expert at several large conventions in a variety of industries across
the United States and in International markets as well.

Given this knowledge and experience, today Mike spends his time coaching and consulting where he has
the privilege of working with many successful business leaders as well as entrepreneurs. Together, hard
work and opportunity allowed them to grow several successful businesses in education, healthcare, oil and
gas, telecommunication, e-commerce, and manufacturing. In addition, he has helped to consult on the
development and training for creating a blended learning environment for several public, private, and
charter schools across the United States. Mike has worked with various enterprise clients to develop robust
digital training programs along with strategic business plans to attack a variety of markets.

Mike is always looking to share these experiences and is a highly engaging speaker. He finds great joy in
coaching and mentoring high achieving business leaders, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives looking
to take their organization to the next level. Teamwork and self-motivation are something that are important
to him and the team at The MAGS Group. Together they have taken several ideas their clients created and
turned them into competitive products in their space, along with taking existing businesses and allowing
them to see massive growth and stability through a variety of techniques.
Mike is also involved in community and philanthropic ventures. When not working he enjoys spending
time with his wife and four children.

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Education Committee Co-Chair, Cibele Buda