Business development

Both Davie and Cooper City have available every resource your business needs to thrive.

Geographically, our area is the heart of modern South Florida, with easy access to every major highway in the region as well as the best in entertainment, restaurants, hospitals, and more.  This centralized location means that hundreds of thousands of commuters – and consumers – pass through our area on a daily basis, providing a customer base that extends well beyond the Davie and Cooper City resident populations.

Taking advantage of the westward development boom of the past 20 years, city planners and business leaders have worked together to create a strong network of distribution/warehouse facilities, build-to-suit space, flex-space, and first-class office options all throughout  Davie and Cooper City – and without strongly affecting our areas’ traditional rural feel and agricultural businesses.  Economic incentives from the local government  complement Florida’s already advantageous tax environment and have further encouraged economic growth.

Furthermore, the rapidly expanding South Florida Education Center of Davie, home to major colleges and universities, provides unique benefits:

  • Ensures that highly-trained graduates are ready, willing, and able to step in and help your business reach new heights
  • Offers a host of career development and continuing education classes that allow you and your employees to grow your skills
  • Provides entrepreneurial opportunities to anyone interested in catering to a diverse university community

And, of course, the Davie-Cooper City Chamber of Commerce has several decades of experience in providing the ambitious businessperson with myriad networking opportunities and a world of additional helpful resources.

For these reasons and many more, entrepreneurs, corporations and franchises of all flavors have found tremendous success in Davie and Cooper City.  We welcome the opportunity to help you do the same.