2019 Volunteer Person of the Year Award

We would like to congratulate Vonnie Keyser, owner of MaidPro Cooper City, for earning the
2019 Davie-Cooper City Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year Award!
Vonnie gives time, service and is a very active member of the Chamber. She is the 2019 Chair for the Cooper City Advisory Board.
We are lucky to have her in our Chamber family and appreciate all that she gives.
Please join us on April 17th at our monthly membership luncheon to honor Vonnie in front of our business community.
Why do you believe in the mission and purpose of the chamber?
I am a firm believer in both the mission and the purpose of the chamber because I see it and live it every day. The chamber exists for its members to grow, both as a person and in the bottom line of their business. It exists to provide people with opportunities to get involved, to network, to give back to the community through service, and to be a part of something greater than themselves. I experience this in my own life and business and I see it in the lives of the other members, many of whom are my customers, my resources, my mentors, and my friends.  
What has been the driving force to make you get involved in the Chamber as a volunteer and advocate to join the chamber?
I actually joined the chamber to be on the Women in Business Committee! I was at a networking event hosted by the Business Advisory Board and after hearing about the committee from a few ladies who were there, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. Once I became involved and saw the great things a chamber does for its members and the community, I was all in. I am a follower of my mother’s teachings to be a charitable person, to be kind, to be a light, and to live in a way that makes others proud to know you. 
As the new chair of the Cooper City Business Advisory Board how do you see our two organizations working together to help build stronger business relationships and resources for our west Broward community?
I see this as a win-win! While my role on this board is definitely separate, with different obligations and objectives, I view this as a great opportunity for the City and the Chamber to work together. It is apparent that both organizations have similar goals, which is to be a resource for businesses, and going forward I see both using their strong points to create a great environment for the citizens and businesses to thrive. 
What are you enjoying in the West Broward Leadership Program so far?
I am so happy to be among the first participants of this leadership program! With one class under our belt, I can say I have already learned a great deal about the inner workings of the Town of Davie and the City of Cooper City. I enjoyed hearing from the top level as well as from those who, while their work may be more “behind the scenes”, are an important part of the processes that make things run. Additionally, I have enjoyed getting to know my fellow “classmates” and I can see already that we are creating lasting relationships, both as professionals and friends.
What changes have you helped create and lead being a member of the chamber’s board of directors? 
I believe one of the key qualities I have brought to the board is a passion for the new direction the chamber is heading in. This endeavor takes a lot of commitment and ability to see the bigger picture. I am up to the task. As board members, while we each bring our diverse personal and professional experiences to the table, it is our obligation to use those qualities for the advancement of the chamber, making decisions in the best interest of the members, and not necessarily those we might make for our own businesses. I believe I have brought a level of integrity to the board and my hope is to set a good example. My goal is to continue to do my part by making decisions for the benefit of the organization. 
As an owner of a successful company, MaidPro, how do you value and invest in your employees?
A business cannot run without employees – they are the life and face of the company. I believe if you treat your employees with respect and trust, and empower them to do their job, they will feel valued and their performance will help you build a successful business. I believe in providing employees with opportunities to develop both personally and professionally as well as hiring from within if at all possible. This way they know they have room for advancement and will therefore be a loyal member of your staff and set a good example for the others. My goal is to help my employees find their greatness. If they end up leaving my company to pursue their passion, I have have done my part in the world by helping someone grow and better their lives. 
What is your favorite quote?
My favorite quote by someone else is by is by Henry Ford: “To do more for the world than it does for you – that is success”. My own favorite saying is: “Set your intentions for the highest and best use of yourself in service to others and watch the universe return it to you a hundred fold”!
To leave your footprint and legacy in our chamber, what would you like a donation to be made to in our chamber in your name? 
There are so many areas I am passionate about in the chamber! However, going with my gut and intuition, I would like to be a part of the innovation of the chamber. I am excited to see what lies ahead for this growing organization and I see great things on the horizon!
*To make a monetary donation to honor Vonnie Keyser for our future Innovation Room, contact Beth at Adminmanager@davie-coopercity.org